Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Week 13

Today we caught up on our blogs. For the past few weeks we've been so caught up on our robot that  we haven been doing the bloggers properly so we went back and fixed them. By now we should be up to date. We also plan fixing parts of our robot that just aren't connected properly like collars and screws.
Today i'm attempting the tetrahedron challenge even though Mr.Martin isn't here, due to the fact that i think i need to do it today to get the grade, hopefully we can get the autonomous working.

Friday, April 26, 2019

Week 12

Today we started to add the claw because we really need to catch up on challenges since this robot took up our time since we had to rebuild 4 times now. praying the claw goes smoothly so we can just finish this thing.

So after messing with the claw for 2 classes we finally got the robot's claw to work and actually functions. Next class we are going to have to do the tetrahedron challenge if we want any chance of finishing every challenge.

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Week 11

After we got our wheels put on we realized it didn't sound pretty, but with the 4 v5 motors that. thing. flies. No doubt the fastest robot in the room, but can still use much improvement when it comes to the gears grinding and things not tightened.

We are now messing with the coding trying to make the robot do stupid/cool/useless things like say things on its screen and controller screen for no reason... we were bored.

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Week 10

Our 2 motors seem to be having a hard time moving the wheels and we don't know why but we have a few ideas as to why. It's either that the gears aren't tight enough, there's not enough torque in the motors, or that the gears are not secure enough and need extra reinforcements.

We figured out that the problem with our robot is that the motor didn't have enough torque to move all the gears and the wheels. We decided to add 2 extra motors so that each wheel gets its own motor.

Friday, April 12, 2019

Week 9

Last class we never finished putting on the gears so we are getting that done today. After we get that done we plan on attaching it to the the base and seeing if it works.... Praying they actually spin this time.

Despite what was said last week, the loose gears are causing problems and not all the gears are rotating. We are hopping that  it's just a case of them not being supported properly and we are planning to attach their axle to the frame for more stability.   

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Week 8

Today we worked on the new base for our robot. We are using metal pieces that is 25 units long in order to accommodate all the gears we need. We are just gathering all the pieces today and figuring out how we are going to put them on.

Now that we have all the pieces we need, we started to put on the gears. We're having trouble with tightening them but we figured we will trouble shoot that when it gives us a real problem. Our goal is to have the fastest robot in the room.


Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Week 7

We decided the big wheels would help us make a bigger and better robot so we are trying to find the best way possible to attach them and get the robot running.

We found that to use the bigger wheels we are going to need a different base lay out so instead of working around what we have we will be scrapping the robot and basically just making a new one.

Week 13

5/20/19 Today we caught up on our blogs. For the past few weeks we've been so caught up on our robot that  we haven been doing the blog...